The Dirty Dozen (and clean fifteen) : )

So your at the store and making the best decisions possible with your new healthy eating habits, and then you compair buying organic verse conventional produce. Maybe you've heard that buying organic is bogus and just another marketing scheme...I beg you to think again!

I personally like to support organic companies and more so the smaller, ethically concerned groups that don't sell out, for both moral and environmental, health of the workers, my own well being ,livelihood of the farms and farmers, animals and the list goes on.

Some times though it is wise to know what produce should always be on your "buy organic" list and others that aren't as critical every time. So, here is a quick reference to help you with your choice making and some tools to use to look for happy fruits and veggies. Oh and I guess I should add that as your esthetician, your skin is like a window into your body, refecting the state of your wellness! Happy shopping!



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